Tender Tray Magnetic

Fast, Economical and “Magnetically” Accurate

It is a precision die model system made of a special long-lasting material that can resist up to 200°C. The non-glare base is ideal for scans, it is available in 3 versions, with a 4th one for the antagonist, and it can be integrated with the Tender Flask.  Tender Tray 1 with pin retentions and metal support for “magnetic” dies for high precision even on lower incisors. Tender Tray 2 with pin retentions totally made of plastic Tender Tray 3 with knurled retentions and metal support for “magnetic” dies on implants Tender Tray 4 flat without retentions for split cast to be used for the antagonist.

Tender Tray 1 and 3 allow the use of a small magnet to be glued under the die to improve the stability and make it incomparable. Moreover the metal support allows the use of another magnet for articulating Tender Tray 2 is more economical but still has a magnet that facilitates articulating. It can be used as an alternative to the carrying base if the models are sent to dentist on articulator.