Ena Oral Care Line Developed With Dr. Marisa Roncati

In your office, during your free time, when you are travelling, always feel fresh and self-confident. Always keep Ena Oral Care in your pocket. Learning to clean your teeth as a child help to prevent caries, gingival infections and also to maintain good oral health for all your life.

DIGITAL BRUSH Disposable gauze For oral hygiene even outdoors With Chlorhexidine: antiseptic properties, a simple daily hobit that helps to prevent dental plaque With Physiological Solution: effective against infections and caries Patented system KISS ME ORAL SPRAY Oral spray Against bacteria and bad breath Mouthwash without rinse Ideal formulation against bacteria Effective against alitosi Cool mint flavour, gas and alcohol free IF INTERDENTAL FLOSS for a perfect cleaning among interproximal areas PTFE ultra-resistant and smooth Dental tape, for a more effective clearing Elegant “Credit Card” packaging with mirror 3E INTERDENTAL BRUSH For an optimal removal of plaque and food debris Patented innovative double wave bristle, perfectly adaptable to the anatomy of the teeth Ergonomic handle and hygienic cap Stainless steel teflon coated wire, ideal also around implants ORAL MIRROR To check the less visible areas of the oral cavity Practical and handy To check the hidden areas of the oral cavity and help the correct oral hygiene TS TOOTH STAIN REMOVER It quickly removes tooth stains No need of using other substances ENAMEL PLUS Multipurpose Toothpaste Pleasant taste No gum irritation Strengthens esame Desensitizes Mild tooth-whitening action