Enamel Plus HFO

Enamel Plus HFO composite system is the first composite that fluoresced the same as natural teeth.

Enamel Plus HFO is a rational system made by five types of bodies (dentines, generic enamels, opalescent enamel, intensive enamels, stains) that reproduce the five dimensions of the natural colour teeth:

Chromaticity:  7 Universal Dentines UD1 (A1), UD2 (A2), UD3 (A3), UD3,5 (A3,5), UD4 (A4), UD5, UD6. The Universal Dentine simulate the natural dentin opacity and fluorescence

Value: 3 Generic Enamels GE1 (low value), GE2 (medium value), GE3 (high value) Generic Enamels reproduce the translucency and brightness natural enamel with different values: high value for the young enamel, medium for adult and low for old enamel.

Intensive: 2 Intensive Enamels Whites IM and IW Intensive whites are used for further characterization of the surface esame

Opalescents: Opalescent Enamels OBN, OA, OW. Opalescent Enamels reproduce the natural opalescence effect in the incisal area

Characterizations: 6 fluorescent stains yellow, white, orange, blue, brown, dark brown. The fluorescent stains are used to reproduce characterization (internal hues and cracks)