Enamel Plus Shiny Composite Polishers

Micerium provides everything needed for finishing and polishing of direct aesthetic restorations, laboratory veneers, inlays and crowns made in composite.

The system includes:

  • Diamond paste: SHINY A 3μm, SHINY B 1μm
  • Aluminium oxide paste SHINY C
  • Air Block SHINY G
  • Brushes and felts SHINY S, SHINY F
  • Pre-polishing rubber point SHINY14 & SHINY33
  • Finishing accessories


The following Ena Shiny Kits for finishing and polishing designed by Dr. Lorenzo Vanini are available:

  • Preparation Finishing and Polishing Kit anterior direct composite – CS1LV
  • Preparation Finishing and Polishing Kit posterior direct and indirect composite – CS2LV
  • Shiny Finishing Kit – COSSHINYKIT
  • Polishing Paste Shiny Kit – COSSHINY+G