Micerium Spa announces that on 19th July 2018 purchased majority of Schütz Dental GmbH, a German company that has been leader in the distribution of dental products and last generation units for the dental clinic and laboratory for more than 50 years. 

Micerium S.p.A. is one of the biggest Italian companies in the distribution of dental materials and it is known thanks to brands such as American Orthodontics, Enamel Plus HRI / Ena HRI and Osstem Implant. Besides being present on all the Italian territory, it  exports the excellence of the Italian design in more than 50 countries and in the last years has grown considerably thanks to the continuous development and research of high innovating products.

Schütz Dental GmbH has more than 120 employees and exports around all over the world high technology units for CAD/CAM, scanners, lasers, products and units for implantology, besides consumable materials such as resins, ceramics, alloys and CAD/CAM discs.

The group Micerium / Schütz Dental GmbH will have more than 200 people between internal employees and sales representative with a total turnover of more than 40 million of euro.

The acquisition promises significant advantages for both companies and combining the excellence of the Italian design of the Micerium’s products with the reliability and technology of the German partner, creating an international network with the fusion of the two companies’ resources. 

You as our esteemed partner will benefit from this new strength: our combined product lines, R&D, marketing and sales will be even more attractive for you than ever.

This cooperation means a big step forward - not only for Micerium / Schütz, but also for you, profiting as well from all these synergies