Endodontics-Core build up
Discolouration Treatment
Discolouration Treatment

ENA White system for treatment of pathogen & iatrogenic discoloration

ENA White Power: 35% hydrogen peroxide gel for the quick treatment of pathogen & iatrogenic discolouration. The bicomponent syringe assures that full strength, fresh material is applied every time.

ENA White Regular: 12% hydrogen peroxide gel for for the treatment of pathogen & iatrogenic discolouration of sensitive teeth. Ideal also for the treatment of non- vital teeth with the walking bleaching technique.

ENA White Light: 6% hydrogen peroxide gel for home bleaching and maintenance.

If your patients have any composite restorative needs after they have treated their teeth, Enamel Plus HRI Universal Dentine 0,5 and Universal Dentine 0 are developed specifically for bleached teeth. These very light dentin shades combined with the new Enamel HRi shade will make restoring any shade of beached tooth quick simple and easy.

Discoloration treatment
  • 35% and 12& Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Ena White Cosmetic
  • Hydrogen peroxide gel