Micerium S.p.A. refers to the quality as a fundamental principle for its activities. We believe that the term "quality" means to ensure our customers innovative products and services that meet or even exceed their expectations. Micerium S.p.A. pursues a policy of continuous quality improvement, which is implemented with the involvement of each operating within the resource itself. The management commit in deeply involved in developing and managing the necessary resources to meet those expectations, involving all internal and external corporate, including representatives and suppliers, with the aim to continuously improve the level of its professional staff, aimed at achieving customer satisfaction with product offerings and services more efficient and a consequent reduction in complaints and non-compliance.
All staff are committed to work best, to achieve the highest standards within the company and, to this aim, one of the objectives of Micerium is to maintain a high level of the working environment during time.
This level of excellence should not only be demonstrated by the existence of a quality system throughout the organization that meets the requirements of the UNI EN ISO 9001:2008, UNI EN ISO 13485:2012 and DIR 93/42 EEC -, Annex IV, Annex V and Annex VII (DL 24 February 1997 No. 46 integrated with upgrades) and other mandatory requirements, such as the American Good Manufacturing Practice (21 CFR 820.1 to 21 CFR 820,250) and the Canadian CMDR, but measured by the degree of satisfaction of their customers.
The aim of Micerium S.p.A. is also to propose to the dental industry high quality products that are used with modern and advanced techniques, and at the same time simple and reproducible. To this aim, another goal of Micerium is to point to both its group sales, and its customers training, helping to organize or support courses that allow an improvement of the level of professional dentists and dental technicians.
Micerium S.p.A. is a company operating in the dental field for more than two decades, whose business is in the design and manufacture of medical devices for the dental industry, marketing of medical devices and products for the dental field under other or its own brand name of products for the dental industry.